Sunday, June 12, 2011

Origin of Hunza People: NASA Research

Author: Sajid I. Barcha

In a rather surprising turn of events, one of the biggest and most difficult questions in human history have been apparently answered. In a recent scientific research, NASA has discovered that Hunzai people are in fact descendents of some outer-space aliens whose Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashed behind Ultar Peak partly because of bad weather, and partly because the pilots were drunk.

Some ruins of this UFO discovered in 2002 at the roof of Hunza Darbar hotel, which were previously mistaken for a broken dish antenna, have indicated towards the truth of this claim. A famous historian in Baltit by the name of Salman Kapoor has identified these unidentified pieces of metal as Unidentified Flying Objects.

"Since the Darbar hotel is something people of Hunza take pride in, the circular shaped ruins of UFO on its roof became a symbol of pride. People in Hunza somehow managed to erect these symbolic UFO's on their rooftops. If you go on to the top of Baltit Fort and look down, you can see how proud we are of our ancestry, you will not see a roof without this UFO symbol"
A reseacher at BRA (Brusho's Reclaiming Ancestory) in his book "me menik baan? (who are we?)" page 92-93

When asked how did these ruins from behind Ultar end up at roof of Darbar Hotel,  the BRA researcher said that it was a windy day, and then asked me whose side I was taking. 

A UFO flying over Ultar. (taken 1931)

According to the research paper published by NASA (Northern Areas Student Association), these aliens got stuck in this place with no machinery to make their way back to their home, which is, according to a cautious estimate, situated at a distance of 2.5 million light years from Earth; way outside the so-called Milky Way galaxy.

This discovery answers many questions which had baffled human minds everywhere on Earth for thousands of years. The Brushaski can be thus said to be an outer-space alien language, this claim can be supported by the fact that Brushaski language's roots have not been identified in any of languages on planet Earth.

In a book titled "Spiritual Science", the father of the term "Hunzai" states that aliens are people from other worlds who have advanced magnificently in spirituality and reached its peak. Interestingly, many people who consider themselves great students of the author of this book, refer to him as someone who has "reached the peak of spirituality".  Does this mean, he has finally turned into an alien? Is it mere co-incidence that he was the first person to use this name "Hunzai" along with the given Earthly name? Moreover, he also helped found Brusho's Reclaiming Ancestry. When we connect the dots, another mystery solves itself.

The Alien ancestors of "Hunzai Tribe" have continued to keep a fatherly eye on Hunza. A few hundred years ago, Mir of Hunza faced an odd situation. He was sterile and thus had no child who could be his heir. At this point, the aliens gifted him what we today know as "Ayashulum Ayasho", who grew up to be throned the next Mir of Hunza. Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, who mistakenly thinks he is from Macedonia, is therefore actually an alien from outer-space, and therefore, has a strange voice. 

An 'inquiry committee' was formed back home to find out what happened to the disappeared UFO that came on a spy mission to earth. Three members of the committee, namely Azur Jamsheed, Barcha Mamusing, and Reel-e Ramal were sent to take a look at the crash site. Unfortunately, these three Dewako aliens could not resist to a plate of Pota Kaleji, cooked with Shan fry gosht masala. They gobbled it up sitting on boulders on the bank of Gilgit River, without realizing that it was forbidden to them because it would take away their heavenly outer-space powers. And thence, the heavenly powers were taken away. Azur Jamsheed would stay in Gilgit on to free people of Gilgit from the dictatorship of Shiri Badat, who was another Alien predator from outer-space whose UFO had crashed near Kargah nala. While Barcha and Ramal would go to conspire against the Mir of Hunza by settling in Ganish, and failing to do so.

All this fantastic discovery uncovers another prevalent tendency in Hunza people, that is, the tendency to use the word 'Dewako' a bit too often. Some of them are even using this word as their screen name on Facebook, while others repeatedly mentioning the word in their poetry to define beauty and refinement. 
 It is indeed a historic moment, that today we have finally discovered our roots which lie beyond Hunza, beyond Persia, and beyond Macedonia. This fact had always been in the back of our heads, we knew it sub-consciously that we, the Hunza people, ought to be something special, something out of this world, literally, but never had realized it so explicitly that we are aliens from outer-space, much like how everybody knew apples fell down because of something, but Newton came up with 'gravity'. 

I congratulate all the Hunza people on this day of awakening.


  1. This is simply Extra Terrestrial !

  2. Spell-binding, Super-natural.

    I would like to advise you to write a book. Ill buy a copy.

  3. Good piece of satire. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. Great style of writing satire dear Sajid. Bravo

  5. i dont think so NASA needs to research more abut the HUnza valley

  6. "...has identified these unidentified pieces of metal as Unidentified Flying Objects." LOL

  7. i agree with Jamal, i will buy a copy too if u write a book.

  8. As far as the origin of Burusho and Burushaski is concern its relation with other languages is undefinable because it has its own roots and evolved independently. The earliest most human record in this geography belongs to 5000/6000 Years before Present. this period is earlier than Indo-European migration or even earlier than Indus valley civilization, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations; where the people interacted and established reading and writing methods. The above date is contemporary to the proto-Cultures of above said civilizations.
    This isolated geographical location forced these earliest inhabitants to develop their own language on their own principles that is presently called as Burusho or some time also called as Yashkun--who have forgotten their own language.
    Hunza was a state established during the mid of 16th century when the first Ayasho tham was kept on the newly established throne of Hunza. Before this period it was the part/province of Tarakhan kingdom ruled from Gilgit.
    Dear Sajid I Barcha, the above mention information is your perception only, not the fact.


    Mueezuddin Hakal

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  10. what an enjoyable read and very humorous. You have produced an amazing "Minas"( Fiction based Story).

  11. I will place a link where all of you can see in fact who are these people, where are coming from, ect...